The ancient city of Alwar, found in 1000 AD, has a lot of history behind it. Many rulers have ruled the city of Alwar including Rajputs, Jats, Hindus and Mughals. Many Forts and Palace still grace the city with their architecture and beauty.




Alwar_HistoryIn 1049 AD King Alpur found the city and named it after his name, which eventually became “Alwar”. Back then, it fell in the Amer territory, present day Jaipur city, and flourished under the leadership of sever

al Rajput rulers. After that many other rulers came and went. Post Indian Independence, Alwar acceded into the domain of India.

Alwar is still dotted with the marks of the many rulers it saw.




Alwar experience a moderate weather throughout the year. The atmosphere remains dry. Summers are hot and winters are cold and a very short monsoon season is experienced. In January the Maximum temperature is around 24°C and in June the Maximum temperature remains around 38°C. However, the areas around Siliserh Lake, such as ours remain much cooler and pleasant in comparison to the rest of the city throughout the year

Sunglasses and Scarves are recommended during summers and multiple layers of clothing in winters are a must.